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It begin from a desire to having my own leather straps, comes the idea to create my own vintage style strap with my very own idea so it will be a unique look and different from the straps on the market. Through the strap, the character of a watch can be transformed into an elegant, vintage, casual, and antique according to the type and style of the strap.

"Every series has its own character ,sense,and uniqueness. the end result varies on each strap for a special handmade for you. if you are looking strap with 100% neatness quality, then you are in the wrong page because each strap is made not involve any machinery so the results obtained can be said to be considered an ART because the entire process of cutting, sewing and the formation is done manually by the hand of strap Artist."

and this is a few serie that I create from my imagination and creation. I don't have ready-made strap in stock, all will be made based on your order, so please ask the completion time when you place your order, it depends on workloads at that particular moment. Keep visit this blog because i'll update it anytime. Enjoy!